Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is it safe to use?

Yes, Braincam is safe to wear and use.

The infrared light frequency used has no affect on the body and is naturally occuring in sunlight.

Is Braincam similar to EEG technology?

EEG measures the eelctrical activity caused by neuronal activation. Braincam measures the blood flow supporing that neuronal activation. 

fNIRS is more closely related to fMRI which uses magnetic fields to measure blood flow.

How accurate is the Briancam fNIRS technology?

Functional Near InfraRed Spectroscopy is a new technology. As such it is still being validated against the more established EEG and fMRI datasets. It is more accurate spatially than temporally – meaning more accurate about where rather than when activity occurs.

Is Braincam a medical device?

No, Braincam is not intended for the treatment, diagnosis or management of any medical conditions. It is a wellness research device.

What can I measure with Braincam?

Braincam measures relative blood oxy and deoxy levels  across a defined subsection of the outer brain layer. These levels change with neuornal activity in an area, so providing a second order measure of brain activation.

When will Braincam be available to buy?

Braincam will be available to order in Q1 2020 with shipments starting in Q2.